"If you go to the river near Amarin Inn, there's a really big BBQ place on the other side of the bridge. It's 99 baht per person and all you can eat!"

This is a great tip and I've eaten at that place several times, but it's rare to see another tourist.

Tom didn't provide a website/blog for us to include with his tip, but if you'd like to share a tip and you have one, we'll be happy to include it.
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  1. Sana Jamal Says:

    Asalam-O-Alaiakum! How are you all? Well, I must say that the services were really good, but the guidance was not as great as it should be. We had some issue in Makkah, when we were doing Tawaf, due to the misguidance of the staff members, although the other things were really good. Hajj Agencies

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