"If you go to the river near Amarin Inn, there's a really big BBQ place on the other side of the bridge. It's 99 baht per person and all you can eat!"

This is a great tip and I've eaten at that place several times, but it's rare to see another tourist.

Tom didn't provide a website/blog for us to include with his tip, but if you'd like to share a tip and you have one, we'll be happy to include it.
Eventually we all tire of seeing unwashed youngsters shuffling barefoot around Khao San Road and would like to treat out eyes to something a bit more awe-inspiring. 

Amarin Inn believes the Banyan Tree Vertigo Grill & Moon Bar provides the perfect solution. The dress code is smart-casual, with shorts and open-toed shoes prohibited. Those with deeper pockets can enjoy fine cuisine at the restaurant, which will cost around 5,000 Baht per head including wine. The rest of us can just enjoy a drink at the bar. Sure, it's a little pricey but the astounding view should convince you:

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